Enjoy Benefits - Cycle to Work Scheme

The EnjoyBenefits cycle to work scheme enables employees to buy a bike for commuting and make savings of up to 47%

How does the cycle to work scheme work?

  • The employee can choose their own cycle and safety equipment
  • The employer buys the equipment and hires it back to the employee who then repays their employer over 12 months
  • No credit checks are required on the employee or employer
  • All the information required for payroll is provided by the team at Enjoy Benefits
  • All end of hire scheme options are also managed by EB taking the pressure off of the employer to ensure compliance with HMRC guidance
  • Companies save Employers NI so for every £1,000 the company spends on bikes, it saves £138 in NI
  • You can get fitter, more productive and healthier
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How will this benefit me?

  • You save Tax and NI on your bike, up to 47%
  • You save on transport costs, parking, fuel and servicing costs
  • You can get fitter, more productive, healthier
  • Keep healthy and save the planet with great savings on bikes!
  • No credit check or up-front costs

How will this benefit my business?

  • Your company saves Employers NI so for every £1,000 the company spends on bikes, it saves £138 in NI
  • No cost to the business to implement the scheme
  • Enjoy Benefits Ltd undertakes all the administration of the scheme to ensure it remains HMRC compliant
  • Your employees become healthier and fitter
  • This is a real contribution to your Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • The cycle to work scheme will reduce the pressure on car parks, roads and the environment